A lesson from a wannabe Vegan

Because I was a Vegetarian a number of years ago, the concept of switching to Veganism is not as daunting to me as it is to most other occasional meat eaters I know. Being Vegan is popular here and very well supported by local supermarkets and restaurants, often exclusively so. I harbor an interest in this style of living as it compliments my belief of “first do no harm”. (Sadly, being human, I still fall short every day.) So when we decided to move to LA, I spent about a year prior collecting recipes befitting my fantasy LA lifestyle, although I never did actually try any of them out…

Until yesterday. Lunchtime.

I had been dying to try out some of the tasty sounding recipes on this Vegan food blog I’ve been following and after a couple of days of expensive and exotic sounding ingredient shopping, I finally bit the bullet and made a Carrot-Thai type soup. Unfortunately it was an abysmal failure. A culinary flop. I am not sure if this fore mentioned vegan blogger is just clueless about what categorizes a tasty soup or if I somehow messed it up, but I do know that either way it was an inedible end result to say the least.

Although, I will say that I found the whole process of cooking it utter bliss. It had been a few months since I last attempted a new dish and I always love the adventure in that. It makes me excited to anticipate the outcome, that maybe just maybe it will delight the hungry in my home and gain the ultimate stamp of approval by making it into my tried and tested, one day soon to be published, Recipe Scrapbook.

What I really found so enjoyable about cooking this hideous soup was what I learned about myself through the process…. I learned that not every end result has to be a success. I can let go and add some of my own personality to the mix and just see what happens. And, as always, it’s the journey that matters. There are guidelines to help us on the road to celebrating our potential successes, but the gratification comes from making mistakes and learning along the way. That’s worth honouring too.

It was fun to prepare and pretty to look at. And so what if the content was watery and tasteless-there’s always a food truck parked outside ready to serve up a tasty (also vegan!) alternative. At least in my neighbourhood there is-that’s LA living for you.